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It’s difficult to imagine a future without water. But were it not for continual careful planning, engineering and management of this most vital resource, there would be little of it to speak of in semi-arid Pasadena, much less the thriving economic and cultural center we are fortunate to call the “Rose City.”

With so much concern about current shortfalls in supply, and predictions of long-term drought, PWP has crafted its most comprehensive water resource plan ever. The Water Integrated Resources Plan (WIRP) of 2011 is our city’s blueprint for ensuring reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible water supply for the next twenty-five years. It takes into consideration available and alternative supplies, demand forecasts, climate change and conservation.

UPDATE! WIRP 2011 Approved By City Council

Pasadena City Council approved the Water Integrated Resources Plan on January 31, 2011. (Watch video of Council meeting.)

Pasadena Water and Power THANKS ALL
who participated in the shaping of
this critical resource planning document. We hope that you continue to stay involved as we draft the
2010 Urban Water Management Plan.

Read the Final Approved WIRP 2011 and its Appendices.

WIRP Mission Statement

Pasadena's Water Integrated Resources Plan will provide an achievable, long term strategy to meet current and future water needs. The goals of the WIRP are to sustainably and cost-effectively address local and regional water supply and demand issues, reflect community values and adapt to changing conditions.


WIRP Objectives

  • Provide a reliable water supply
  • Maintain affordability, while addressing fairness and equity
  • Ensure safe, high-quality drinking water
  • Protect receiving waters and the environment
  • Protect cultural and recreational resources
  • Maximize efficiency of water use
  • Maintain quality of life and positive economic climate
  • Reduce risk and maximize opportunities
  • Ensure public safety
  • Reduce energy footprint for water operations


Workshops & Meetings

WIRP Meeting 3/30/10

WIRP on the Agenda:

City Council - Mon., January 31, 2011

Municipal Services Committee  -
Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Environmental Advisory Commission - Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Our public stakeholders are essential to creating strong, effective planning documents, and we welcome your viewpoint. Three public WIRP workshops were held to weigh concerns about water sustainability, reliability, water quality, emergency reserves, dependence on imported sources and the city’s economic objectives and quality of life, among other issues.

Workshop #1:
Plan objectives
Nov. 10, 2009 Flyer Power Point
Workshop #2:
Assess supply status and options; assess conservation programs
 March 30, 2010 Flyer Power Point
FINAL Workshop #3: Draft Options, Incorporating Previous Public Comments Nov. 9, 2010 Flyer Power Point
Water Integrated Resources Plan Public Meeting Nov. 9, 2010 Watch Video

WIRP Advisory Committee Meetings:

October 28
September 2
August 5
July 22
June 17
April 29
March 18
March 4

Want WIRP updates?

WIRP Meeting 11/10/09

Documents & Other Helpful Resources

Contact Us

WIRP Project Manager
Natalie Zwinkels - (626) 744-7011


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