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"Greening Pasadena" means making a conscious choice to take an active role in promoting a cleaner, healthier environment, supporting sustainability and being accountable for our impact on the local environment and the world at-large.

If you're interested in estimating greenhouse gas emissions or calculating the emissions savings associated with specific emission reduction strategies click HERE.

"Greening Pasadena" means supporting clean renewable energy sources that eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. PWP offers customers the opportunity to GO GREEN! and sign up for green power.

"Greening Pasadena" means incorporating energy and water conservation practices into our daily lives to preserve our natural resources for future generations. Taking a few simple steps to conserve can have a huge impact. Click HERE to learn how!

"Greening Pasadena" has benefits that go beyond helping the environment. Customers who GO GREEN! and sign up for green power are automatically enrolled in the "Greening Pasadena Rewards Program." Customers enrolled in the "Greening Pasadena Rewards Program" will receive complementary energy efficiency items like compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) as well as an additional rebate bonus of up to 20% for those participating in PWP rebate programs. Look for the "Greening Pasadena" logo for participating programs.

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