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Power Supply Content Label - Third Quarter 2007
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Pasadena Water & Power (PWP) is bringing you the information below to help you better understand the energy you buy.  California State Law requires all Energy Providers to make the following label available to their customers.

For answers to Power Content Label FAQs please scroll down the page.


Third Quarter 2007

2007 PWP
2007 PWP GREEN POWER MIX** (projected) 2005 CA
(for comparison)
Eligible Renewable 8% 100% 5%

     ۰Biomass & Waste

 6%    0% <1%
     ۰Geothermal  2%    0% 4%

     ۰Small Hydroelectric

<1%    0% 1%
     ۰Solar <1%    0% <1%
     ۰Wind <1% 100% <1%
Coal 67%     0% 38%
Large Hydroelectric   6%     0% 24%
Natural Gas  12%     0% 33%
Nuclear    7%      0% 0%
Other <1%       0% 0%
TOTAL 100%   100% 100%

* 94% of PWP POWER MIX is specifically purchased individual suppliers.
** 100% of PWP GREEN POWER is specifically purchased from individual suppliers.
*** Percentages are estimated annually by the California Energy Commission based on the electricity sold to California consumers during the previous year.                                                                   

PWP Green Power is the energy provided to PWP customers enrolled in the Green Power Program.   PWP power mix is the energy provided to all other PWP customers. 
For specific information about this electricity product, contact the PWP Answerline at (626) 744-6970.  For general information about the Power Content Label, contact the California Energy Commission at 1-800-555-7794 or

Q. What is the
Quarterly Power Content Label?

A. The Power Content Label is a quarterly report that shows how your electricity is generated. The percentages provided are projected for the current calendar year and updated quarterly based on the latest data available. The Power Content Label also provides the prior year's statewide mix for comparison.  

Q. What is the difference between PWP Power Mix" and PWP Green Power?  

A. PWP Green Power is the energy provided to customers enrolled in the PWP Green Power program. Currently, all of the energy sold to Green Power customers comes from wind generation. PWP Power Mix is the energy provided to all customers not enrolled in the Green Power program and comes from a variety of sources.  

Q. Why is wind listed as an energy source for PWP Power Mix if its also sold separately to Green Power customers?  

A. PWP purchases wind energy from the High Winds facility in Solano County . But, PWPs purchase is larger than the energy needs of all the customers enrolled in the Green Power program so the wind energy not sold to Green Power customers is accounted for in the PWP Power Mix.  

Q. Why sign up for Green Power if wind is already in the PWP Power Mix?  

A. As more customers sign up for Green Power, PWP will be able to increase investment in renewable sources and decrease the purchases from fossil fuel sources.  

Q. Why is the Ca. Power Mix from 2005?  

A. Utilities throughout the state submit year-end reports documenting their power supply sources for the previous year and the cumulative state mix is published in March of the following year. For instance, the 2005 statewide mix is not published until March 2006 and is then used as the Ca. power Mix until March 2007. So, the statewide mix is always one year behind.  

Q. Why isnt 100% of the PWP Power Mix specifically purchased from individual suppliers?  

A. PWPs local generation and long-term contracts do not provide enough energy to meet all of PWPs energy needs. The balance is provided through short-term spot market purchases. PWP cannot guarantee the source of these spot market purchases so they are accounted for as non-specific purchases and are divided across all fuel source types in percentages equal to the Ca. Power Mix.

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