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  Public EV Charging Sites in Pasadena  
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There are several public electric vehicle charging locations in the City of Pasadena
that provide  a variety of charging options, including J1772, conductive and inductive types, among others.

Public EV Charging Map
Click on the map for a larger view and more details.
See address listing below. For other sites in Southern California, go to


1. City of Pasadena - Holly Street Parking Structure (1 inductive)
150 E. Holly Street, Pasadena

2. City of Pasadena - Schoolhouse Parking Structure (2 inductive)
33 E. Green Street, Pasadena

3. City of Pasadena - North El Molino Parking Lot (1 inductive)
122 N. El Molino, Pasadena

4. City of Pasadena - Delacey Parking Structure (2 inductive, 1 conductive)

       45 S. Delacey Avenue, Pasadena

5. Fair Oaks & Union Parking Structure (1 inductive, 1 conductive)
24 E. Union Street, Pasadena

6. Caltech Visitor Parking Structure - Building 66 (1 J1772)
370 S. Holliston Avenue, Pasadena

7. Caltech, Wilson Parking Structure (2 coulombs and 1 120V outlet)
405 S. Wilson Avenue, Pasadena

8. Pasadena City College Staff Parking Lot #1, (2 Chargepoint chargers, 4 EV-marked spaces)
100 South Hill Avenue, Pasadena

9. Pasadena City College Student Parking Lot #5 (2 Chargepoint chargers, 4 EV-marked spaces)
101 South Bonnie Avenue, Pasadena