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The Water Delivery Business Unit's primary responsibility is for the operation and maintenance of the water distribution system, including reliability, capital improvements, water quality, and other functions of the water delivery system.  This Business Unit is also responsible for the local water supply, interfacing with the Metropolitan Water District (MWD), State water, health and related agencies. Water quality equipment and employees laying water lines

It provides, as a part of its services, water system infrastructure maintenance such as backflow device maintenance, large water services maintenance, and water quality service.  This Unit monitors state regulations as to water quality and assuring that Pasadena water always meets or exceeds federal and state standards. Customers can review PWP's Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports so they can feel confident that the stringent testing and tough water quality guidelines are met.

Brad Boman reviewing water service charts

For questions, please contact:

Water Services Division
(626) 744-4409

Jeff Shepperd
Water Systems Superintendent Construction
(626) 744-4456

Chris Klippert
Water Systems Superintendent Operation
(626) 744-4456

Brad Boman
Engineering Manager
(626) 744-4278