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The primary objective of the (PSBU) is to provide Pasadena’s customers with safe, reliable and high-quality electrical energy at the lowest possible price, and fully utilize all city-owned resources to maximize wholesale revenues.

Most of Pasadena’s electricity is supplied by the PSBU through long-term energy supply contracts and short-term purchases from the wholesale power market.  The balance of the electricity is generated locally using natural gas and hydroelectric generating units.  To see what power sources currently comprise the PWP power mix, check out the latest Power Content Label to see the percentages.

Power Supply Business Unit
The PSBU also sells surplus energy, transmission, ancillary services and natural gas to wholesale customers outside Pasadena to generate revenues and optimize its energy portfolio.  Other portfolio management activities include active participation in joint project committees to control the cost of Pasadena’s external resources.

The PSBU provides the ancillary services necessary to deliver energy, such as operating reserves, load balancing capability, voltage support, and self-start capability.  These services are also provided to the California Independent System Operator (Cal ISO) For more information on current events and conditions check out the following links for the Cal ISO News Desk and Cal ISO System Conditions .