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The Power Delivery Business Unit's primary responsibility is the operation and maintenance of the electrical distribution system and the telecommunication fiber optic network.  This Unit is also responsible for system reliability, capital improvements, and other functions of the distribution system. 

The challenge to electric distribution is to plan, design, maintain and operate a system that will provide reliable electric service both in the present and in the future in the most economical way. Sound strategies, which are transformed into planning documents, can provide a strong blueprint for constructing and maintaining a reliable distribution system. Competent planning which defines achievable goals will result in an electric distribution system where the safety of both employees and the public goes unquestioned, and relatively few power outages occur. When service outages do occur, as they inevitably will, they should be of short duration and limited to a small number of customers. 

The Power Delivery Business Unit recognizes the important role that distribution reliability plays in customer satisfaction and has dedicated the necessary resources to the study and assessment of performance. The business unit has participated in an on going study of electric distribution reliability across North America. When measured against the rest of the electricity industry, the business unit has achieved great success in reliability and shall remain committed to maintaining the same standard in the years to come.
This Business Unit has the following subgroups: Overhead Distribution, Underground Distribution, Meter Test & Substation Maintenance, Power Engineering, and Outage Response.

Core products and services include: high voltage sub-transmission and distribution, infrastructure construction, outage response, operations and maintenance services for electric utility related infrastructure and fiber optic telecommunications infrastructure.

Services for high and low voltage power systems include:
  • Testing and calibration of protective relay devices
  • Transformer maintenance and installation, including tap changers and oil testing
  • Motor installation and maintenance
  • Sub-metering services
  • High voltage switchgear maintenance
  • Cable installation and raceways
  • Control wiring and conduit installation 

The service area is over twenty-four square miles with over ninety-seven thousand meters, thirteen substations, two receiving stations, over fourteen thousand poles, and more than four hundred forty miles of overhead and underground conductors.

Electrical Service Requirements - Regulation 21

Utility Service Advisors

General Information:                    (626) 744-4005

Power Emergencies:                    (626) 744-4673
                                                      or   (626) 744-4005
                                                      or   (626) 441-1054
                                                      or   Report it online