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On June 6, 2011 Pasadena City Council adopted PWP's 2010 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP), in compliance with the Urban Water Management Planning Act, California Water Code Sections 10608 through 10656. 

UWMPs are prepared by California's urban water suppliers to support their long-term resource planning and ensure adequate water supplies are available to meet existing and future water demands. Every urban water supplier that either provides over 3,000 acre-feet of water annually or serves more than 3,000 or more connections is required to assess the reliability of its water sources over a 20-year planning horizon considering normal, dry, and multiple dry years. This assessment is to be included in the UWMP, which is submitted to the California Department of Water Resources for review. A UWMP must be prepared every 5 years and was previously prepared by PWP in 2005.

The Water Integrated Resources Plan (WIRP) adopted by City Council on January 31, 2011 is the basis of Pasadena's 2010 UWMP. The WIRP contains information on water demand in PWP's service territory, water supply and conservation options, preferred water resource portfolio, and an implementation strategy and schedule. 

The 2010 UWMP expands on the WIRP with the inclusion of water use targets, supply reliability planning, water shortage contingency planning, and demand management measures.

Key Actions of the 2010 UWMP

  • Reduce baseline daily per capita water use of 210 gallons per capita per day (gpcd) by 10% by 2015 to 189 gallons gpcd.  PWP plans to achieve the required reduction through additional water conservation and by using recycled water.
  • Supplement supplies and reduce PWP's reliance on imported water through the implementation of the first phase of the Recycled Water Project.
  • Implement additional water conservation BMPs in addition to current conservation efforts.
  • Advance the planning of other major projects that will increase PWP's water supply reliability such as the Devilís Gate Surface Diversion and Groundwater Storage Project.

PWP will be tracking actual water demands and supplies to determine that we are on target to meet our goals for 2015 and beyond. The 2015 UWMP will assess compliance and the effectiveness of our water conservation BMPs.  If the report shows that we are not achieving our water use target, PWP will make adjustments to our water conservation plan in order to achieve the 2020 urban water use target.


2010 Urban Water Management Plan Documents


Important Dates

April 29 Draft document available for public review.


May 6  Deadline for comments for inclusion into the Final Draft UWMP*


June 6 Public Hearing and City Council adoption

6:30 p.m. at City Hall
100 N. Garfield Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101


 *A Final Draft UWMP will be prepared in response to comments received prior to May 6. Comments received after May 6 and during the public hearing will be attached to the Final Approved UWMP.


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