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PWP is providing a $25 rebate for refrigerators or a $35 rebate for freezers, and a coupon redeemable for three compact fluorescent light bulbs to its residential electric customers who recycle their old, inefficient refrigerator. Refrigerators sold today are at least 25% more efficient than models sold just four years ago. So, if your refrigerator is four years old or older, it could really be costing you.

picture of refrigerator To be eligible, you must be a PWP residential electric customer.  The refrigerator must be in working order to qualify.  There is a two unit limit per household.

On the day of your pickup, the refrigerator does not need to be brought to the curb, the recycler will enter your home or garage.

Once your refrigerator has been picked up, it will be handled using the most advanced and environmentally responsible methods available.  All refrigerants will be recovered and reclaimed, including CFCs and HCFCs, and all hazardous components will be properly managed, some of which may contain PCBs or mercury.  All remaining recyclable materials will be reclaimed for reuse.

PWP customers will receive an incentive check and CFL coupon at their PWP account mailing address within two weeks from pick-up date.

To schedule a pick-up click here. 

Your PWP electric account number is required in order to schedule a pick-up.

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