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  Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Information  
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Conductive Charging

The conductive charger utilizes a connector that makes a weatherproof direct electrical metal-to-metal connection in the vehicles internal charge port.  It is the method used by most on-board chargers, or systems that place the charging circuitry and control on the vehicle.  Some off-board chargers, or systems that place the charging circuitry and controls off-board the vehicle in a charging stand, also use conductive coupling.  In this case, the charger communicates with the battery and vehicle electronics over the communications wiring in the connector.

These UL listed chargers are available from different manufacturers, in varying sizes, and in wall or pedestal mounts.  At most installations, consumers will typically see a ICS 200 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Inc.(EVI) charger (shown above) using an AVCON type connector shown at left.  

Conductive chargers range in price from $350 to $3,500 due to quality, warranty, and various user options such as programming and voice feedback. Semi-permanent or portable external chargers are available but are difficult to locate and require a unique UL Listing.  The Honda EV Plus and Ford Ranger, among others, utilize this type of charger.

The Chrysler EPIC EV utilizes a unique conductive charger made exclusively by Lockheed Martin Inc., shown at right with a round multi-pin connector (known as ODU) as shown below.


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