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PROJECT TITLE: Art Center College of Design 2008-2033 Master Plan

PROJECT ADDRESS: 1700 Lida Street
Case Manager:
  Robert Avila

The Art Center College of Design has filed an application for a Master Development Plan with the City to allow for proposed new development at the campus located at 1700 Lida Street in the Linda Vista district of the City.  The Art Center College of Design Master Development Plan will represent regulations that will cover all aspects of development with the campus boundaries.  The Master Development Plan would be implemented in three phases over 25 years and proposes:

  • Preservation of 145 acres of natural open space;
  • Increasing landscaped open space from 167,000 square feet to 190,000 square feet;
  • Increasing building area from 242,512 square feet to 330,786 square feet;
  • Increasing student enrollment.
  • Increasing faculty from 350 to 360.

o        Phase 1

         Construction of Sinclair Pavilion (completed in 2001).

o        Phase 2

         Construction of the Design Research Center (DRC) at 48,183 square feet;

         Creation of new outdoor plazas that will serve as venues for formal and informal meetings and events;

         Increasing on-site parking from 914 to 1,258 vehicle spaces with the construction of a new five-level parking structure;

         Construction of 15,145 square feet of additional operations and maintenance facilities;

         Removal of temporary classrooms made redundant by completion of DRC;

         Construction of a 42,226 square foot, two-level addition to Tyler Annex;

         Increasing student enrollment from 1,445 to 1,900.

o        Phase 3

         Renovation and remodeling of the Ellwood Building;

The height of new structures will range from approximately 52-feet for the expansion of the Tyler Addition to approximately 98-feet to the top of the glazed central atrium of the Design Research Center.  Except for the atrium, the height for the DRC is a maximum of 60 feet or five stories.  The new parking structure will be approximately 44-feet in height.

Subsequent entitlements required to implement the Master Development Plan include:

  • Design Review for structures over 5,000 square feet (Design Research Center, Tyler Annex addition, and Parking Structure).

  • Five-year Review of Master Development Plan on a quinquennial basis.
  • Conditional Use Permits for minor projects not included in the scope of proposed development for the Master Development Plan.


Documents Available for Review:

Last Updated 08/15/2009