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Adamson, Sofia. Gods, Angels, Pearls and Roses.

Alireza, Marianne. At the Drop of the Veil.

Apostol, Jane. South Pasadena: A Centennial History.

Barber, Carter. The Golden Ear: A Treasury of Songs to Pasadena.

Belokosa, Bozana. Hip, Hip, Hip Hooray.

Billington, Ray Allen. American History Before 1977.

Bing, Leon. Smoked: a True Story About the Kids Next Door.

Brewster, Elizabeth S. Language Acquisition Made Practical.

Burden, Jean. A Celebration of Cats.

Bushloper, Lida. (various magazine articles)

Cain, Bruce. The Reapportionment Puzzle.

Carpenter, Thomas D. Pasadena Resort Hotels and Paradise.

Champlin, Charles. The Movies Grow Up, 1940-1980.

Child, Julia. The Way to Cook.

Christopher, William and Christopher, Barbara. Mixed Blessings.

Coe, Sophie. America's First Cuisines.

Combs, Theodore C. Tournament Park.

Cooper, Jo. Pioneer pilot: Based on Walter Lees' Journals.

Copperud, Roy H. American Usage and Style.

Cutts, Karen. How to Profit From the 1984 Olympics By Renting Your Home.

Dane, George Ezra and Dane, Beatrice. Ghost Town.

Davis, Mike. City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles.

Dawson, Grace Strickler. California, the Story of Our Southwest Corner.

DeVaere, Ulric. The Light Within Us.

Feynman, Richard. Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman.

Freeman, Joseph. Job: The Story of a Holocaust Survivor.

Garner, John. Health Insurance Answer Book.

Garrison, Marjorie King. Happy Families Are Homemade.

Goodstein, David L. States of Matter.

Goodstein, Judith. Caltech's Throop Hall.

Goodstein, Judith. Millikan's School: a History of the California Institute of Technology.

Gorfinkel, Claire. The Evacuation Diary of Hatsuye Egami.

Hadady, R. Earl. Contrary Opinion: How to Use It for Profit in Trading Commodity Futures.

Hansen, William. Drug Free Kids: A Parent's Guide.

Higginson, Beverly. (various magazine articles)

Holgerson, Karen M. The American Experience: a Foreign Student Guide.

Hopkins, Joe C. Effective Entrepreneurship Strategies.

Horowitz, Sylvia Teich. Cancer.

Hoskins, Nancy V. (various magazine articles)

Houlihan, Patrick T. Lummis in the Pueblos.

Heustenstamm, George. The Norton Manual of Music Notation.

Hulme, Kathryn. The Nun's Story.

Irvine, Patricia McCune. (various magazine articles)

James, George Wharton. Through Ramona's Country.

Kevles, Bettyann. Naked to the Bone: Medical Imaging in the Twentieth Century.

Kevles, Daniel J. The Physicists, the History of a Scientific Community in Modern America.

Kuyper, Frances. How to Air Brush Cake-Arts-Crafts.

Kyle, Evelyn. Dreams of the Pioneers.

Lifton, Bernice. Bugbusters: Getting Rid of Household Pests Without Dangerous Chemicals.

Lukens, Theodore P. Pasadena, California.

Marugg, Jim. Beyond Endurance.

Mathews, Jay and Linda. One Billion: a China Chronicle.

Mazo-Calf, Karyn. Among Us, a Collection of Writings.

McDonough Thomas R. The Search for Extraterrestrial intelligence: Listening for Life in the Cosmos.

Meyers, Kirk. When Old Town Was Young.

Michelson, Maureen. Women and Work, Photographs and Personal Writings.

Mitchell, Mary Ames. The Man in the Purple Cow House and Other Tales of Eccentricity.

Najafi, Najmeh. Persia Is My Heart.

Ney, Richard. Making It In the Market.

Oliver, Robert W. George Woods and the World Bank.

Pineda, Manuel. Pasadena Area History.

Roberson, James. High School Player's Guide to College Football Scholarships.

Robinson, John W. Trails of the Angeles.

Rolle, Andrew. California, a History.

Seims, Charles. Mount Lowe, the Railway in the Clouds.

Scheid, Ann. Pasadena, Crown of the Valley, an Illustrated History.

Sherwood, Midge. Days of Vintage, Years of Vision.

Siechert, Carl. Power of Running PC-DOS.

Steadman, John M. The Myth of Asia.

Tyrell, Esther and Tyrell, Robert A. Hummingbirds, Their Life and Behavior.

Walters, Dottie. Star Spangled Speakers.

Warren, Thomas S. Ultraviolet Light and Florescent Minerals.

Whitcomb, Ian. After the Ball.

Wilson Darrah, Victoria. My Father's Daughter - Continuing the Dream for Peace and Reconciliation.

Wimberly, Dan. Congress Judge Me Not.

Wingfield, William. (various magazine articles)

Winter, Robert W. Toward a Simpler Way of Life: the Arts and Crafts Architects of California.

Wood, Chris. The SuperCalc Program Made Easy.

Wylie, Judy. (various magazine articles)

Zorbas, Elaine, Fiddletown: From Gold Rush to Rediscovery.


Bacon, Eugenia Jones. Lyddy: A Tale of the Old South.

Ballard, Todhunter. The Sheriff of Tombstone.

Baum, Vicki. Grand Hotel.

Biggers, Earl Derr. The Chinese Parrot. (creator of Charlie Chan mysteries)

Brown, Rudd. A Killing in Real Estate.

Brucker, Meredith. On the Monitor.

Butler, Octavia. Imago.

Cass, Victor. Love, Death and Other War Stories.

Coker, Carolyn. The Hand of the Lion.

Darby, Ann.  The Orphan Game.

Doerr, Harriet. Stones for Ibarra.

Donalson, Melvin Burke. The River Woman.

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. The Yellow Wallpaper.

Gerber, Merrill Joan. King of the World.

Goodman, Eric K. In the Days of Awe.

Graham, Margaret Collier.  Stories of the Foothills.

Grey, Zane. Riders of the Purple Sage.

Haugaard, Kay. Myeko's Gift.

High, Monique Raphael. The Four Winds of Heaven.

Hopkins, Una Nixson. A Winter Romance in Poppy Land.

Jamal, Karume. The StoryTellers.

Land, Charles. Once Upon a Garden Hose.

McGinley-Webster, Harriet. A Teddy Bear Romance at Rose Tree Cottage.

Otto, Whitney. How to Make an American Quilt.

Rohrer, Alyce S. The True Believers.

Santmyer, Helen Hooven. "...And the Ladies of the Club".

Saul, John. The God Project.

Sinclair, Upton. The Jungle.

Stinson, Jim. Low Angles.

Taine, John (pseud. for Bell, Eric). The Iron Star.

Tervalon, Jervy. Understand This.

Vasquez, Richard. Another Land.

Walters, Anne. Day After Tomorrow.

Wambaugh, Joseph. The Black Marble.

Yariv, Fran. Safe Haven.

Children's Books

Buff, Conrad and Mary. Dancing Cloud, the Navajo Boy.

Bunting, Eve. Smoky Night.

Cervantes, Esther DeMichael. Barrio Ghosts.

Curry, Jane Louise. The Ice Ghosts Mystery.

Gallagher, Susan. Architecture in Pasadena.

Gerber, Merrill Joan. Name a Star for Me.

Gordon, Shirley. Crystal Is My Friend.

Hole, Dorothy. The Air Force and You.

Holling, Holling Clancy.  Paddle-to-the-Sea.

Hyland, Betty. The Girl with the Crazy Brother.

Jones, Helen Hinckley. Over the Mormon Trail.

Kidd, Ronald. The Glitch.

Koertge, Ronald. Confess-O-Rama.

Littke, Lael. Trish for President.

Miklowitz, Gloria D. The War Between the Classes.

Poynter, Margaret. Volcanoes, the Fiery Mountains.

Robison, Nancy. Nancy Lopez, Wonder Woman of Golf.

Scott, Louise Binder. Rhymes for Fingers and Flannel Boards.

Thompson, Harlan. The Phantom Roan.

Tolles, Martha. Darci and the Dance Contest.

Van Steenwyk, Elizabeth. Dorothy Hamill, Olympic Champion.

Watson, Jane Werner. Conservation of Energy.

Note: This is a representative list of the library's holdings and is not meant to be all inclusive of what's available. Please check the Library's catalog for other titles and holdings in the Pasadena Centennial Room and at the branches.

Compiled by
Katy Currey
Pasadena Public Library
February 2006

                                                                                Last update: October 04, 2016