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Disaster Preparedness:  Telephones


Plan for how you will communicate with loved ones after a disaster.

Long-distance phone lines often work before local phone lines. Identify an out-of-state contact and provide that person with the contact information of people you want to keep informed of your situation. Share this information with local family, friends and neighbors.

Avoid making non-urgent phone calls after a disaster. Even if phone lines are in good working order, increased phone traffic may jam circuits.

Don’t rely on your cell phone after a disaster. Cell towers may have been damaged or destroyed during the incident; even if a cell tower is not damaged, increased traffic on cell phone networks can quickly overload wireless capacity.

Cordless phones require electricity. Make sure you have a backup phone that requires no electricity.

Keep coins in your emergency supply kit. Pay phones are more likely to work before other phone lines.

After an earthquake, check all your telephones to make sure they haven’t shaken off the hook.

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