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Disaster Preparedness:  Children


Update Your Student's Disaster Kit:

Most Pasadena schools ask students to bring personal “comfort kits” to be used when earthquakes and other emergencies happen during school hours. Roads may be closed and the city’s firefighters and police officers will be tending to hot spots. Your children may need to stay at school for awhile until you can get there. Keep them comfy with:

Extra clothes

A “space blanket” from a sporting goods store

A small flashlight with batteries (store batteries separately) or lightsticks

A travel toothbrush and toothpaste

Bottled water

Non-perishable snacks

A list of medications

An index card with emergency information

Comfort items, like a family photo or a note from mom or dad

Label all items and include expiration dates. Discuss your family plan and where
you’ll reunite after a disaster. Ask about your school’s disaster plan and how often it
is reviewed and updated. For more tips, call 744-7276.

Help Children Cope with Disaster:

Children may feel frightened or anxious during or after a disaster or emergency. News coverage with repeated images of disasters can cause fear and confusion. Here are some tips for helping children cope.

Listen to and understand what your child is saying

Address your child’s concerns calmly and lovingly

Answer questions in simple terms without elaboration

Limit your child’s television news viewing in the first few days after a disaster

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