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  Urban Forestry Advisory Committee  
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Meeting Information
Date 2nd Wednesday of every month
Download the Pasadena Tree Failure Analysis

Download the Windstorm Tree Failure PowerPoint Report

Download the Drought Infographic

Time 6:00 PM
Place City Yards 233 West Mountain Street, Pasadena 91103  
Contact Information 
Staff Rep   Darya Barar - send email
Phone   (626) 744-3846
  Natural Resources - Yards

Commission Members

Name Nominating Authority
Danny Donabedian Recreation & Parks Commission
Rita Moreno Recreation & Parks Commission
Emina Darakjy City Council
Roy Leisure City Council
John Byram  Design Commission
Vacant Design Commission
Colin Silvio Pasadena Beautiful Foundation
Description The purpose of the Urban Forestry Advisory Committee is to advise and make recommendations to the city council relating to the city's master street tree plan and undertake such other reviews pertaining to public trees as are specified in the city trees and tree protection ordinance, section 8.52.050 of this code.
Composition Two Recreation & Park Commission members, One Pasadena Beautiful Foundation Rep, Two members of the community who are appointed by the city council, and Two Design Review Commission members.  Chair rotates among members.

Last Updated:  07/29/15