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  South Lake Parking Place Commission  
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Meeting Information
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Place 221 E. Walnut Street, Suite 210
Pasadena, CA 91101
Contact Information 
Phone 626-744-7359
221 E. Walnut Street, Suite 199
Pasadena, CA 91101
Staff Rep Mike Woolson x7359 - send email
Commission Members
Name Nominating 
Term Expires
Darrell Done Mayor / District 7 6/30/18
Jennifer Higginbotham Mayor / District 7 6/30/17
John S. "Pete" Kutzer Mayor / District 7 6/30/17
Perry Vidalakis Mayor/7 6/30/16
Julianne Worrell Mayor / District 7 6/30/16
Description The purpose of the commission is to operate, manage and control the parking places within the district, and make and enforce all necessary regulations for the maintenance and operation of the district.
Composition 5 members. Pasadena residency not required; however, at least 3 members shall be owners of lessees of property, or officers, employees or agents of a corporation owning or leasing property within the SLAP District. Members are required to file annual Statements of Economic Interest.
Term of Office 3 years, limited to two consecutive terms.

Last Updated: 07/14/2015