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  Recreation and Parks Commission  
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Meeting Information
Date 1st Tuesday of each month
Time  6:00 PM


City Yards Public Works
233 West Mountain, Second Floor
Pasadena, CA

Subcommittee Hahamongna Watershed Park Advisory Committee
Contact Information   
Staff Rep Stacy Houser - send email
Phone 626-744-4452
233 W. Mountain Ave., Room 255
Pasadena, CA  91109
Commission Members
Name Nominating 
Term Expires
Edgar Gutierrez District 1 6/30/16
Patricia Keane District 2 6/30/17
Donabed Donabedian District 3 6/30/18
Thom Mrozek District 4 6/30/14
Rita Moreno, Chair District 5 6/30/12
Anita Fromholz District 6 6/30/16
Ciran Hadjian District 7 6/30/16
Rob Shepherd Mayor 6/30/16
Donna Estacio At Large/District 7 6/30/17
Description The purpose of the commission is to advise the city council on all matters concerning parks and recreation, Arroyo Seco, the Rose Bowl and Brookside Golf Courses, and to make recommendations to the city council, city officials, and other governmental or private agencies as may appear to be proper or necessary for improvement of the area in and around Central Park.
Composition 9 Members. Pasadena residency required. Members are required to file annual Statements of Economic Interest
Term of Office Three years. Limited to two consecutive terms.

Last Updated:  07/30/15