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Address 1001 Rose Bowl Drive
Pasadena, CA  91103

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Meeting Location Brookside Clubhouse,
1133 Rosemont, Pasadena, CA 91103
Date/ Time 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
Phone 626-577-3100 (Darryl Dunn)
Composition 13 members, 1 nominated by each Councilmember and the Mayor. The Mayor shall nominate one member from persons recommended by the other 7 Councilmembers. Nominees from District 1 and 6 shall be residents of those districts. The board of directors of the Tournament of Roses Association shall nominate 1 member. UCLA shall nominate 1 member. The City Council shall appoint 1 member. In addition, the City Manager, or his/her authorized representative, shall be appointed. All nominations are subject to ratification by the City Council. Conflict of interest forms must be submitted prior to nomination. Pasadena residency required.
Term of Office 4 years. Members shall serve no more than two consecutive 4-year terms. Initial members may serve up to three terms of 4 years. Each appointment is for four years, absent earlier removal. No limit on terms served for UCLA, Tournament of Roses, City Council, or City Manager appointees.
Purpose and Function The mission of the Rose Bowl Operating Company is to return economic and civic value to the City of Pasadena by managing a world-class stadium and a professional quality golf course complex in a community based environment.
President Gordo, Victor City Council  
Staff Rep Dunn, Darryl - send email Rose Bowl  
Commission Members
Name Nominating 
Term Expires
Philip Hawkey City Manager 3/5/19
Paul Arevalo District 5 6/2/19
Vacant District 1 2019
Victor Gordo City Council 9/26/2015
C. Scott Boone District 2 9/29/18
Nicholas Rodriguez District 3 6/17/17
Steve Haderlein District 4 6/29/19
Joel Bryant At Large / District 3 4/26/19
Alex Aghajanian Tournament 3/2/19
Fred Claire District 6 6/1/13
Edward Garlock Mayor 9/18/17
William Cormier UCLA 8/4/16
Richard Schammel District 7 1/14/19

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Last Updated:  07/02/15