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Place: PCAC, 150 S. Los Robles, Suite 101 Pasadena, CA 91101
Hours: First Tuesday of every month
Location: 150 S. Los Robles Ave. #450
Staff Rep Keri Stokstad - send email
Phone: 626-794-8585
Additional Info/Web Site

KPAS - Government Channel - Government Channel

The Arroyo Channel

KLRN - PUSD Channel - K-12 Education Channel

PCC TV - Pasadena City College Channel - Pasadena City College Education Channel
Established Created by the City Board July 1983. Established by Articles of Incorporation, 9 December 1983.
Composition Eleven members (one representing PCC; one representing PUSD). Residency required except for representatives from PCC and PUSD.
Purpose and Function To provide a means for which individuals or groups to use cable telecommunications to communicate and share information. To serve as a production company and to provide equipment, instruction, hands on training, resources and facilities to individuals and groups in order that they may produce produce and cable cast TV programs and productions; to provide a structure in which the public can learn and develop media skills towards the ends of self-expression and community cohesion and improvement. The Corporation will serve as receiving holding and disbursing entity for monies intended to promote non-commercial uses of the cable telecommunication medium. In conjunction with the cable systems operator, it will devise, establish and administer all rules, regulations and procedures pertaining to the use and scheduling of the access channels.
Commission Members
Name Nominating 
Term Expires
Beth Leyden PUSD 6/30/16
Harald Zechner District 4 6/30/17
Yuny Parada District 5 6/30/16
Tim Winter District 6 6/30/17
William Boyer City Manager N/A
Gail Schaper-Gordon Mayor 6/30/17
Ann Marie Hickambottom District 1 6/30/18
Robert B. Miller PCC 6/30/16
Thomas Majich District 2 6/30/18
Hoyt Hilsman, Chair District 7 6/30/16
Robert Oltman District 3 6/30/16

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