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  Old Pasadena Parking Meter Zone Advisory Commission 
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Meeting Information
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Time 10:00 a.m.
Place 221 E. Walnut Street, Suite 199
Contact Information 
Phone 626-744-6445
221 E. Walnut St. Suite 210
Pasadena, CA 91101
Staff Rep Mike Woolson x7359 - send email
Commission Members
Name Nominating 
Term Expires
Marilyn Dee Buchanan  Mayor / 0 6/30/04
Sally Lunetta Mayor / 0 6/30/05
Vacant Mayor / AL / District 6 6/30/15
Debbie Meymarian Mayor / L / District 6 6/30/09
Steve Mulheim (Chair) Mayor / 0 6/30/16
Scott Ward Mayor / L / District 3 6/30/08
Susan L. Hickman Mayor / L / District 6 6/30/07
Description To recommend to the City Council the priority expenditures of net revenues from the parking meters within the parking meter zone for street and parking related expenditures which regulate and control traffic and parking within parking meter zone and its surrounding areas; and to study and examine other parking related issues referred to it by the City Council or by the Director of Public Works and Transportation which may include, but without  limitation, proposed changes and amendments to the parking meter rates.
Composition Seven members shall be nominated by the Mayor from the persons recommended by the other 7 City Council members, subject to confirmation by the City Council.  Three Commissioners shall be owners of property or officers, employees or agents of a corporation renting or leasing property within the parking meter zone.  One Commissioner shall be an "at large" appointee.
Term of Office Commissioners shall serve three year terms and at the pleasure of the City Council.

Last Updated:  03/18/14