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Summary of Jobs and Business Opportunities


As part of construction of Pasadena City Hall, the City of Pasadena proactively provided opportunities for local businesses, suppliers and individuals to participate  in all phases of construction of the City Hall Seismic Upgrade project.

Clark Construction, the building contractor for the City Hall Project, administered a successful program for local jobs and business opportunities that continued throughout the duration of the project. Pasadena's Center for Community and Family Services (CCFS), hired by Clark Construction, worked directly with local community organizations throughout the  project's duration to identify job and business prospects for local residents and businesses as follows:

  1. Businesses:   Pasadena businesses were utilized to the greatest extent possible. The City of Pasadena encouraged all local businesses to register on the city’s database for the project.  Local business participation for the project at completion totaled nearly $768,000 .

  2. Suppliers/Vendors:   The contractor included local suppliers and vendors for various aspects of the project. Local suppliers and purchases for the project totaled nearly $718,000.

  3. Local Workers:  Throughout the duration of the project, Clark Construction and  CCFS maintained a list of major subcontractors hired for the project.  Employment opportunities were made available for qualified residents in various prevailing-wage (union) construction trades. The program also provided access to job training and development programs. At the time of project completion,  82 local workers were hired for the project, which also resulted in creation of 31 new union apprentices.